What Is Microblading?

At Lacey Michael PMU

A permanent makeup treatment exclusively for eyebrows, microblading is the art of creating realistic eyebrow hair strokes gently in the skin with the use of a specialized hand held tool.  It is done manually, not with a machine, and when performed by an experienced artist, a client gets sparse or non-existent eyebrows literally “rebuilt”, looking as natural as the real thing. 

Microblading involves gently etching into the skin individual brow hairs until the desired shape and volume is achieved.  A microblade is not really a blade at all, but a series of fine sterile needles tightly bound together linearly.  The artist selects a configuration that is best for the client’s skin.  A microblading treatment should not be painful and is expected to last roughly 8 to 12 months.  Annual color boosts are recommended to keep your microbladed eyebrows looking fresh and crisp. 

Microblading is essentially a manually achieved tattoo.  As it is intended to replicate the eyebrows, in the industry it is called a cosmetic tattoo or, permanent makeup.  Other names you may hear are 3D eyebrows, eyebrow embroidery, featherstroking or microstroking.   It is considered permanent because though the hair strokes will fade, pigment molecules do remain in the skin.

While the art of tattoo is centuries old and remains an integral part of life in many cultures, the traditional method has always been manual.  The technique became a very popular technique in Asia about 25 years ago and many beauty innovations do.  About ten years ago, microblading became wildly popular in Europe, the UK and North America thanks to news coverage of high profile celebrities.  

It is essential that customers seek out well trained and skilled artists.  Microblading may not be suitable for all skin types and only someone who fully understands the skin  of the face can know who is or is not a candidate.  Ideal clients are in good health with skin that is not too thin and lax and not too oily and thick.  Unless under 18, age is not a factor. Clients must care for their microbladed eyebrows in order to get as much longevity as possible.

Microblading is a beautiful art that can create even and groomed looking brows or youthful ultra natural looking brows and many different patterns in between.  Browse for a look you like, work with your artist on the best shape and style to complement your features and enjoy waking up each morning with gorgeous brows.