Covid-19 Update

Information For Clients

COVID-19 and your appointment: For the time being, I will be implementing some new guidelines I have developed to ensure everyone’s safety:

  1. Please reschedule your appointment if you have had a fever of 100 or above in the last 14 days of your appointment, have any symptoms of illness, traveled out of state by air, diagnosed or was exposed to someone at all with Covid-19. I may decide to use a temple thermometer as well.
  2. No visitors with you – please come alone for your appointment or have company wait in the car for you. If you have a back to back appointment with a friend, you will have to take turns coming in.

  3. Please wait in your car until I text you that I am all ready for you, that the room has been broken down, set up properly and that the previous client is allowed to leave with no contact with others.

  4. Please bring a mask with you to wear– if you do not have one, I will have one that you may purchase and take home with you. (1 per person) I also may ask that talking be at a minimum and for service related only ( bummer- I love chatting! You may bring a headset if you’d like to listen to music!)

  5. Contactless payments will be preferred: VENMO, CASHAPP, ZELLE,. If you cannot do those, I can accommodate cards & I will have blue wrap plastic to cover my phone for you to sign with your finger.

  6. I will provide hand sanitizer at the front door to use immediately.
  7. I will be practicing proper BBP as I do on a regular basis– but I will be doing extra measures to ensure everyone’s safety: bleaching the floor in between clients, wearing a KN95 mask with a surgical mask over it that will be replaced each client, as always fully covering all machinery, using disposable items, wrapping anything I would touch with plastic and wiping down everything including door knobs with cavicide between clients. I may need a few extra minutes between clients, so I thank you in advance for your patience!